Special Machines and Automation

Many of our customers ask:

Can Cambarloc design and build a machine that …”

and our answer is always “YES!”

We have experience in a broad range of industries and are helping our customers by bringing new ideas from outside their industry. If you have a special machine or automation need, contact us and we will be more than happy to talk with you about your requirements and then provide a proposal that will meet your performance and budget expectations. Industries served include consumer products, automotive, off-road equipment, water sports, home electrical/mechanical, and many others. See photos below for a few samples of product from machines and machines that we have built recently.

Assembly/Decay Test Machine                                                Automated MIG Welder



Sheave for Dredge                                                                   Automated Assembly Machine (60 ppm)



Crepe Slitter/Rewinder


Hang Tag Knotting


Wire Bender


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